Shared Office New York

Micro Office Solutions serves the Manhattan market, offering cost-conscious businesses a superb value with convenience and high quality services. Being part of our office communities creates opportunities and can improve your business, both equally compelling reasons to work here. There is no need to buy or lease office equipment or furniture. An inexpensive, furnished office Space in NY, both in terms of operating costs and startup costs, means you can spend on growing your business.

Our unique office spaces include services to help you quickly set up and focus on your business. These services include:

  • Conference rooms
  • Professional mailing address
  • Recurring cleaning services
  • Printer, fax, and photocopy machine access

We realize that every aspect of your NY sublet Office is vital to your productivity, especially the workspace within which you will work on a daily basis. We provide access to "information highway" technology and first-class concierge handling of business needs; extremely competitive telephone calling plans, graphic and web design, catering, computer networking, consulting, and more.

Monthly and annual lease term lengths are available. We give you the benefit of an inexpensive, shared office in New York without the disadvantage of locking you into a five or ten year lease.

If you are interested in making an appointment to see our offices, call us at 1-646-201-5508 or send an email to