Office for Lease

It is not always easy to find an affordable office in Manhattan that is suited for a Sole Proprietor or a Small Business, and navigating the real estate market can be complicated and time consuming. Micro Office Solutions has offices for lease in New York City that are great for a wide variety of businesses.

What Micro Office offers is quality, furnished offices at an affordable price. We rent our offices and workspaces on a month-to-month temporary basis, which gives you the flexibility you might need if you are an expanding company.

All of our locations are serviced and complete with reception areas, kitchens and meeting rooms. It is our goal at Micro Office to provide you with low-cost office space options that still include all of the features and amenities of a big office.

We offer workspace plans that suit various types of companies depending on their size and/or frequency of use. Primarily our offices are great for:

  • Small Businesses with a small number of employees
  • Expanding Businesses that are looking to Rent additional offices
  • Self Employed Individuals and Sole Proprietors that would like the benefits of having a professional office.
  • Businesses needing commitment-free, month-to-month, temporary office space
  • Companies looking to set up regional sales offices
Our locations are in the heart of Midtown New York, giving our offices value that you will be hard pressed to find anywhere else in the city. If you are interested in making an appointment to see our offices, call us at 1-646-201-5508 or send an email to