Lease Office Space

For Small Businesses and Individuals alike, Micro Office Solutions offers premium furnished workspaces, at very affordable prices. Various companies and individuals will have different Office Space needs, and Micro Office provides workspace options that are tailored to all sorts of businesses.

We have business suites, offices and other workspaces that are perfect for Small Businesses. These are businesses that have a relatively low amount of employees, but still require all of the amenities that a big office provides, such as telephone, fax and internet lines, reception areas, and meeting rooms. These spaces are also perfect for expanding Businesses that are planning to set up a regional office in Midtown New York, or establish a new sales office.

We also have workspaces designed for Sole Proprietors or Self-Employed Professionals who need access to an office part-time or full time. We also have Virtual Office plans for individuals that might work from home but occasionally need access to office resources such as Meeting Areas and Conference Rooms.

Our Offices are Located in Midtown New York City, which puts you right in the center of the biggest central business district in the entire world. We offer very price competitive, straight-forward, low-cost options in a city where most commercial real estate companies make a practice of overcharging tenants with hidden fees and complicated commitments and agreements.

So if you need to rent an office, either for the long-term or just temporarily, Micro Office Solutions has the best value you will be able to find in this city. You may contact us by phone at 1-646-201-5508 or by email at